Episode 50: Back to the Future 4: The Seigening

Having just had the soulthieving lion blood drycleaned from their traveling cloaks, Adam and Evellyn reluctantly prepared themselves for the long slog back north. Without warning a flaming portal opened up in the fabric of reality and through it erupted a yellow delorean. Doctor/Driver Raj Brown climbed out of the drivers seat and exclaimed “Great Vishnu Adam! We must egress to the recent past to rescue your comrades! They are wandering about the black order stronghold and have once again forgotten their objective!”

Upon arriving in the wartorn city Adam reunited with the party and arrowstaffed them back to the governer’s mansion. Some viol wizards tried to interfere with their magics and did succeed in peeling Adam and Evellyn away from the party and into the air. As the rest of the party slowly meandered to the mansion, A&E performed a batman orbital drop onto the roof, killed their way in, and discovered that the entire top floor of the house is now being used as some kind of base of operations for at least 11(at a glance) viol.

Now, 4 poor viol are trapped in a room with A&E while the party site comfortably on the ground floor watching more enemy units pour into the mansion…



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