Skoll's Mental Journal

I awoke naked in a cage in front of the Templar Shaman. All but a single shining speck of sand remained in my possession. How did the Shaman miss it? He took the liberty of applying a crown of thorns upon my head, why bother ignoring a sparkling grain of sand?

I remember securing the safety of countless slaves, and some strange deck of cards.

Ah yes, the deck. The deck is the reason why I’m here.

Was it oRCA’s doing? Did she trick me into using the deck? She’s constantly degrading me.

Either way, it matters not. Now it’s time to escape. Unfortunately for the minotauren, the Goddess of Nod has blessed me with all the power I’ll need to escape. Then, I can free myself and return to Spanky and Sannah. They surely are waiting for me.



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