The Journey North

So, we left the Human/Elf issue to TG Randazzo and the cities involved. They should be able to take care of the issue. But to just leave it at that and omit the details of 0rca’s cunning diplomacy would be a crime.

Some background: The party is heading north to take care of some giant, humanoid lizards that are terrorizing the humans up there. The nearest tower city, which we now call home, had sent a Cerebelle brigade up North to take care of it, but the lizards had a trick on their sleeve—they wore live human flesh as armor, exploiting the Cerebelle’s hardwired non-violence toward humans. Nary a Cerebelle survived.

The party would suffer no such exploitation due to some foolishly idealistic reverence for human life. So we headed north. We stopped at a human village on our way, and they claimed they were having trouble with some elves nearby. The elves were harassing the humans by destroying parts of their city wall. It was nothing more than an annoying inconvenience, but the party saw an opportunity to gain the allegiance of the village, and any help against the inevitable fight against Nod would be good to have.

When the party approached the nearby elven village, the elves shed some light on the situation. Humans had been coming and kidnapping elves! This truth was verified, and the party tried to play detective for the better part of an session evening. The perpetrators could not be found, but it was established that the actions are not a concerted effort by the human village. We further discovered that the elf kidnappings happen on full moons, and were carried out by a band of humanoids led by a man in fancy armor.

Despite our findings, it seemed the only way to solve this mystery was to delay our critical mission another 10 days until the next full moon. Skoll insisted on resolving the case, but Adam felt that more pressing matters needed to be attended to up North. 0rca found a middleground. She suggested that T.G. Randizzy stay behind and resolve the matter himself. His trek down the jungled African continent and passage across the vast ocean provided some respectable adventuring credentials, and this task seemed fitting of his ability.

What’s more, 0rca convinced the human mayor to assist T.G. with 6 guardsmen on the night of the next full moon in an attempt to capture the kidnapping culprits. Not only did 0rca resolve the differences between Skoll and Adam (and their meta-game intentions), but she also set up a very real opportunity for a new human and elven alliance that would offer mutual prosperity. What better an ending to this encounter?

Apparently the with the fancy armor got his armor from a local armorsmith. Armor. He claims his armor can reflect bullets, and I found out that he was telling the truth.

Just a reminder about the pixie shaman who can break our curses with diamond dust.

We went north. And north and north and north. North some more, north north north. North. Peter north north north.

We came across a village that was under attack by some CRAB people. Kicked their asses, and then the party was afraid of a big fish in the sea. The human/elf city up to the North North is a poor subsistence encampment that doesn’t have diamonds. However, they do have a guy who makes gnarly peacock feather armor mods.

Skoll rejoiced the peasants with some Phantastic Story telling.



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