Tower Implosion

Adam flew around the weird cavern finding some shady trees, something obscure, and flying mountains. The mountains happened to have the lizard people that we were searching for climbing them. Adam tried to contact the lizard group telepathically but that didn’t amount to much as the leader thought the poor lizard was crazy and ordered him executed. Adam then talked our party into chasing down the lizard group. This turned out to be an easy endeavor as the lizard group was taking a nap.

The head lizard didn’t seem to know much except that time passed very slowly there yet his entire group seemed to be going crazy. He agreed we should group up to find a way out of there, but wanted to first investigate a large crystal.

The crystal was a large black ring ring Hello, Hi Mom. Mutes vent Can you ping www.google.com? Yes, ok, what is it doing again? Ok, click on the little circle in the bottom left, the window button. Now in the box at the bottom type Internet Explorer, what do you see? No, in the little box in the bottom right near the window button, type Internet Explorer. Hello? Yes, pick the one called Internet Explorer no addons. Does it work now? Ok, what addon did you install recently? None? Are you sure? Ok, well just try disabling them until it works. Hit alt and then tools menu and then manage addons. Disable anything that doesn’t say microsoft, adobe, or java. No that says Microsoft. Ok, just disable them all. Does it work now? Hello? Ok good, love you, night. unmutes vent.

The lizards are now making the tower rubble their new base camp. They will advance to the next tower in a few days probably. We to wait for them to advance so we could use them as a distraction as we made our way to the tower. This tower apparently doesn’t have a cave that we can tunnel into from below, so open plains is the path. As the large lizard group gets ambushed by the burrowing vehicles the party ran to a mountain. We try to use the cover of the mountain to get a little closer. However they seem to spot us easily, welcoming us by firing fireballs. We kill some of them and they kill a bunch of lizards.. more action to come.



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