Adam Clay


st 4+1(5)

dx 10

cn 9

in 4

wp 10

ch 7


Melee Hit: 10(+4 fitness, +1 Maintenance, +2 martial arts, +3 gemeni)=20

Ranged Hit: 10 (2 CM,2 Trajectory arching +2 fitness, +3 gemeni)=20

Shields: 16

Armor: 4

Static Combat Defense: 27 (+10 dex, +7 armor, +4 symbiote, +2 kinetic plates, +1 annabelle swords +2 Danello ring, +1 gemeni LOS)

Active Combat Defense: 15 (+10 dex, +1 kinetic plates, +1 swords, +2 Danello ring, +1 gemeni LOS)

Tech Defense: 4 +3

Physical Fortitude: 8 +3

Mental Fortitude: 8 +3

Listen Check: ?

Training Points: 35

Experience: 18541
Hero Points: 0

Modular Armor
Simple Melee Weapons
Assault Melee Weapons
Martial Arts
Humanoid Anatomy
Evil Spiney Wings (2x d6, crit on 10×2)
Hit Points!(7)

- +4 AC, Adds membrane to wings providing gliding power, Rudimentary awareness

IDK Beam Deflection:
-Forego all combat actions except one and until the next round but deflect energy attacks with active combat defense, win by 5 and it’ll get deflected at a target you choose.

Reverse Vampire: +1 vitality per round while exposed to sunlight or other significant source of radiation(persists through death) as well as +1 to psychosomatic creative rolls. Excess radiation is released as light.

Kinetic Plates: +2 armor, +1 active CD, jump skills X5

Ultra Hard Bones: Lessens enemy crit multiplier bonus by 1

Cloning Sciencesx4: Has required knowledge necessary to build and maintain a cloning facility. Also adds an additional slot to metabolize, allows one of the metabolizations to be maintained until replaced, Adds an additional psychosomatic crafting slot, and allows for the psychosomatic crafting slots to be reworked.

Level 15 Psychosomatic Sciences (Con8+CR+1d10)
Heartiness: +7 Vitality
Claws: Unarmed melee attacks deal 1d3 actual damage.
Paralytic Saliva
Heartiness: +2 Vitality regeneration per round. Does not persist through death.
Fitness: +2 Ranged, +4 Melee hit
Sympathetic Healing
DNA Metabolization
Ferocity: Increases physical threat of all attacks by 1.
Monstrous Transformation

Level 3 Psychokinetic Arts (Will+CR+1d10)
Defensive Response: +2 Shields, No shield battery required.
Trajectory Arching: +2 to Hit with Ranged Weapons.
Force Wall

Level 2 Chaos
Imp Hands: come out of a surface and slow/hinder enemies caught up by them
Crit Chaos Doom Spike: On a natural 10 attack roll a target of your choosing rolls an active combat defense or it gets attacked/implaed on a chaos thron that swoops up out of the ground for damage in the amount of the difference between the attack and defense roll.

Level 8 Gemini

1 to critical threat range
+1 to attack and defensive rolls while in LOS of eachother
Spell Pooling: Ohhh yeah.
Telekinesis: Lifts and throws around a man sized creature for CR/2 or Moves CRx3 in pounds.
when you both attack the same target in a round the target is treated as having -2 to defences, because of your perfectly timed attacks, in addition her critical threat is increased by 2 and when she critically strikes with a weapon she casts TK for free as a knock back (~10 yards) or the normal spell.
Singularity: GeminiCR(14)

7 gems
24 gold coins
40000 credits
5 lbs of gold
magic bow!
double terminating amethyst(recovering usefulness in storage)


-Electro 2 handed Blade: 1d6 physical 1d6 electicity on a natural 6 electricity roll additional 1d6…

-Exo-Weave Suit: 1x shield battery/ 3x armor plate
(+7 AC, +4 shields, +1 Strength)

-Sword: hits with a +1, or +3 to hit and damage against unnatural creatures, also it can identify clean food and drink

-Dagger: increases all defenses by 1, and 1 again when defending against magic, it deals half of your crit damage the round after as poison damage

- Danello ring: +2 all defenses

2xcylinder, box that contains more cylinders

healing 1d6+6
healing 1d4+2(x4)
venom(its pretty pretty toxic) needs to be injected it deals 1d6+2 damage 3 min onset time. GG.

Adam clay2 web


Adam and Lilly were raised by a small enclave of templar in the Bazaar. The two shared a powerful telepathic bond from the time they were created, which enabled them to learn the skills of the templar at an accelerated rate. By the time they reached their ninth year their skill already rivaled those of many adults. The two would never allow themselves to be separated. They would walk and often speak in unison. When they slept, they fell in to and out of sleep at precisely the same moment. They maintained nearly constant physical contact, and were always eerily serene; even as infants. This behavior, as well as their accelerated skill, made some of the templar uneasy. After not too much longer, it was discovered that the two were created in a lab specifically for the purpose of achieving psionic mastery. This caused tensions within the enclave to boil over, and the group fractured.

Some demanded that the children be handed over immediately to the church of Violus and the parties responsible for creating and nurturing them be handed over to the authorities. A battle very nearly broke out on the temple floor, but in the end a templar named Clayton, who had been the most like a father to them, was allowed to take them with him into voluntary exile. As they were preparing to leave the bazaar and head into the wilds, they were ambushed.

Four overzealous priests of Violus, as well as a handful of surly templar burst in on the three of them in their dormitory as they were preparing to embark. In the resulting combat Clayton was slain, and Adam was badly wounded.Two priests and a templar were killed as well. As her final act, Lilly forced them to believe that Adam was killed. Believing Lilly to be the only one left alive, they set upon her. She made no further attempt to defend herself, and was immediately murdered. On their way out, the priests set fire to the room.

The fire fighting crews rescued a wounded boy from the fire. Strangely, the boy’s miraculous survival was not reported. He was taken to an infirmary where he remained in a coma for nearly a decade.This was the amount of time it took for his mind to reconstitute itself after losing the information stored in Lilly’s mind. He lost all but the most basic of his templar’s abilities. In fact, his mind had to reteach itself basic autonomic functions. He also felt a great sense of isolation. Before he had shared his every thought and emotion with a being that was created for him, and now he was alone. A great deal of time passed, and Adam got on his feet again. He took the last name ‘Clay’ because.. that was the name of his father… wasn’t it? The man Clay had given his life to save theirs, and it sort of worked out.

Adam resented the church of Violus a great deal for it’s part in the death of his sister. He recommitted himself to his templar studies and used his diminished skill to repress any instincts or urges of which Violus might draw strength. He missed his sister dearly, and often had difficulty justifying his existence without her. In a way he felt pity for the humans who went about their day to day lives in the Bazaar. They would never know the profound connection he once shared. He felt pity on them for their ignorance, but he also resented them for it.

As he wandered the streets of the Bazaar he happened across a familiar face! It was the priest who kicked in their dormitory door and led the assault on his family. The priest didn’t recognize him, of course. Adam had become a man, and the priest believed him dead anyhow. Adam befriended him, and learned of his intent to make a pilgrimage to the tower city of Ardrune. Adam, seemingly eager to see this city and learn more of this Violus character and the approaching holiday which will herald his return, agreed to accompany him on his trip. While they were slogging through the wilds outside of the city they found themselves in the midst of a forest fire.

Adam had waited long enough, he had no intention of letting this man see the city alive, and shot him through his kneecaps while his back was turned. The priest howled in pain and fell to the ground, prone. As the flames closed in around them, Adam knelt down and asked him for details about a vigilante act he carried out many years ago. In his state of near hysterical panic, the priest blurted out the name of the templar who betrayed them to him. Dandelo. It wasn’t as much as he had hoped for, but it would have to do.

Adam proceeded to watch as the flames swirled and coalesced around the priest. He regretted for a moment that he didn’t take steps to partially shield the man from the fire, making his death really last. He was not disappointed by his screams, however. They were shrill and anguished and took a satisfyingly long time to die out. After the man’s screams diminished to whimpering and then to nothing Adam stood by in quiet contemplation. The revenge was nice, it numbed his sense of loss somewhat, at least for the time being. He narrowly avoided a flaming tree that attempted to fall on him, and decided that was as good a que as any to head for the tower city.

Adam Clay

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