Religious Idol, Athlete and Actress. Her birth marked the first sign in the prophecy of Violus' return to Earth.


She is tall and of athletic frame, lean and muscular; she has the body of a gymnast. Her skin is an exotic deep tan, modeled with freckles. Her hair is a sort of coppery red with highlights of lighter oranges and blond streaks. She has an unearthly beauty and grace about her.

She was born into religious rank because of her place in the prophecy and has led a celebrated life of fame and comfort. She has been in a number of Movies and has been to the World Athletics Competition twice ranking both times in the top three for her wrestling and ranking first for her gymnastics. It has been speculated that she is the most recognized face in the world.

Evan: About 200 years ago, a female druid (unnamed) predicted, on her death bed, that Aviadorra would be born 18 years ago. She would be the only HUMAN pregnancy within a 6 month range. She was prophesied to be the one who will “free” the humans from Violus’ tyranny. She is to be our representative with Violus.


Exile Violus