Cerebelle. Artificer. Citizen of an unnamed tower city.


0rca looks like this now:

She used to look like this:

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“DJ Samplebot 9001” is the stage name of the Cerebelle 0RCA. She is the DJ, sound engineer, and bodyguard to underground musical artist Dibal V. During performances, her “Samplebot 9001” persona is characterized by exclusively speaking via samples and other audio tracks.

Even for a Cerebelle, 0RCA is extremely dedicated to her work. She spends much of her personal time developing new equipment for Dibal V, including instruments and sound systems. Fans have noted the strange equipment 0RCA keeps on hand. Her unique apparel and odd trinkets are widely considered props, chalked up to the Samplebot 9001 persona. Others, however, seek an alternate explanation for 0RCA’s uncharacteristic appearance and behavior. Rumors abound that 0RCA has executed self-modifications, which are illegal for all Cerebelle among tower cities.

0RCA was recently hospitalized after collapsing from injuries sustained from a fire at Ye Olde Ardrune climate facility. After wrapping up a string of performances in Ardrune, 0RCA had just started the journey home when she received an emergency bulletin via Ardrune Tower Network. As the nearest Cerebelle to the facility, she was the first respondent at the scene. 0RCA rescued a reported 6 people before an explosion rendered her unconscious as she was searching for others trapped in the inferno. After the flames were extinguished, 0RCA’s frame was located and transported to robot hospital. She has since been entertaining terminally ill toddlerbots with musical stylings.


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