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Race: Macier
Culture: The Wilds
Class: Druid

Strength: 8
Dexterity: 8
Constitution: 9
Intelligence: 4
Willpower: 2
Charisma: 7

Vitality: 16 (7 base + 2 living flowers + 7 from feats)

Experience: 6200
Level: 7
Feats Count: 4
Feats Used: 4
Mastery Count: 14
Mastery Used: 14
Crafting Slots Count: 2 general/3 athletics specific
Crafting Slots Used: 0 general/0 athletics specific

Melee Damage: 1d6+1
Melee Hit: 12 (8 str + 3 Ferocity + 1 weapon) + 1d10
Ranged Hit: 8 (8 dex) + 1d10

Shields: 0
Armor: 6 (4 Hide armor + 2 shield armor)
Ablative Armor: 0
Static Combat Defense Melee: 22 (8 dex + 6 armor + 2 weapon block + 2 weapon gaurd + 2 from some ring + 2 spacial racial)
Static Combat Defense Range: 20 (8 dex + 6 armor + 2 weapon block + 2 pavis cover + 2 from some ring)
Ablative Combat Defense: 12 (8 dex + 2 weapon block + 2 from some ring)
Combat Defense: 13 (8 dex + 2 weapon block + 1 combat staff + 2 from some ring) + 1d10
Tech Defense: 8 (4 int + 2 weapon block + 2 from some ring) + 1d10

Physical Fortitude: 15 (9 con + 2 weapon block + 2 weapon guard + 2 from some ring) + 1d10
Mental Fortitude: 8 (2 wil + 2 weapon block + 2 weapon guard + 2 from some ring) + 1d10

Listen Check: 7 + 1d20
Spot Check: 5 + 1d20
Smell Check: 7 + 1d20

from druid (Free):
Simple Melee Weapons: Character can wield simple melee weapons without penalty.
Simple Ranged Weapons: Character can wield simple ranged weapons without penalty.
Ambidexterity: Wield a one handed weapon in each hand without penalty.
Trap Making: Make traps of all kinds and get a sense check bonus of 1.
Natural Armor: Character is adept at crafting magical armors from materials found in
nature and may wear their creations for protection in combat.
from starting (Cost):
Legends of Wilder Civilizations
Constitution AGAIN (+7 health)
Natural Melee

Athletics: 12
Abilities: Pushy Defender, Grappling, Climbing, Tiger Leap, PlayerDesigned
Creative Roll: 14 (8 str + 6 CR) + 1d10
Wilder KnowledgE: 0
Sphere: 2
Abilities: Fairy Fire
Creative Roll: 9 (7 cha + 2 CR) + 1d10

Armor: Hide with mods Living Flowers Giant Feathers Giant Feathers
weapon:Staff from cave of 1 to hit and +1 fire damage +1 attack of opportunity for being a staff
3 health pots 1d4
some gold

Race Bonus:
Paw Grip Because the Macier paw grips the surface on which it stands more than any other race they tend to topple less easily. Attackers attempting to topple them must roll 2 higher than the Macier character’s defense or the knockdown portion of the attack may be ignored. Similarly Macier gain a bonus of 2 to any roll associated with balance.

Sense: Spacial – In combat this translates to a bonus of 2 to defense against melee attackers.


When I was but a seed I was sold on the black market to a traveler. The traveler was passing through the wilds when he was mauled by a beast. The man was badly injured before fighting off the beast. A druid happened upon him and saved his life. As payment he gave the seed to the druid.

The druid planted the seed in the ground and days later I grew. The druid was surprised by what grew. She nurtured me and trained me in her arts. Eventually after I had grown, she introduced me to her tribe of fellow humans.

They taught me how to survive in the forest. They taught me how to make natural armor and told me of the legends of the wild. They also taught me about the All Sire.


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