STR: 7
DEX: 5
CON: 6
INT: 8
WIL: 4
CHA: 7

Around 5 feet tall with a sort of doughy athletic shape to her, short naturally blond hair and big blue eyes.


Heal Wounds: Once per round Sannah can cast a healing spell on a target within 20 yards healing 1d4 vitality.


Aviadorra’s back up ho! She’s all about letting things live.

She’s spent at least one good night with Skoll.

Sannah was the last child born in Aldan before Aviadorra. She has spent her life to date looking after the All-Sire’s Consort, as a sort of chaperon/tutor/friend. She is well versed in modern history and druidic lore, and enjoys the natural sciences and mathematics. She tends to be booky in her personal interests, a trait that compliments Aviadorra’s attraction to the more intuitive studies: druidic magic, athleticism and survival.

Being older than Aviadorra, Sannah is technically the head of their Tower Ring and the Consort a Naif under he supervision and while true has never been practiced. Sannah never had any true authority over Aviadorra, as the Consort answered directly to the Demisire in her naif years. Contributing to this, Sannah is made to re-swear her oath to Aviadorra daily; an exercise that in her own words, “has become highly ritualized.” Sannah describes Aviadorra’s personality as domineering bordering on tyrannical and coupled with the afore mentioned factors ensured that Sannah would never head her Tower Ring except in name. Sannah has never expressed disfavor at these set of circumstances, and except for several certain private matters, whispered amongst the Naif Caste, and the rare public disagreement, they have always been observed heading their Ring as mutual partners.


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