Human Templar from the Wilds


Empathic Templar

Level 13

Training Points: 28
EXP: 12964
Hero Point: 39
Mastery: 55
Fame: 1

Crafting Slots: 3/6 (2 + 1/3 class levels)

CTP = 25

Vitality: 25
Don’t forget to use shields!
Current: 25/25 (+ 3 AvHair) (+ 7 Constitution)(+ 7 Ring)
Shields: 2 (These deflect incoming projectiles. If you have 1 shield point, it will completely deflect the incoming projectile before taking away vitality)



+ 2 against beasts (The Wilds bonus)
+ 2 in melee if declared
+ 1×2 (Eyes of the enemy)
+ 2 (Intuit Weakness)

Melee Hit
STR (finesse: DEX) + Bonuses + 1d10
8 + 2 (against beasts) + 1×8 (Eyes & horns) + 2 (L11 Temp) + 2 (If declared, martial arts) + 1d10

Ranged Hit
DEX + Bonuses + 1d10
8 + 2 (against beasts) + 1×8 (Eyes & horns) + 2 (L11 Empath) +2 (lvl3 Kinetic) + 1 (laser site) + 1d10

Shields, Armor & Mods

Shields: Tree Pavis + 2 armor, + 2 cover
Armor: 6 (Bee armor)
Ablative Armor: 0
Total Armor Mods: 11 (5 from STR, 6 from Bee armor)
Mods being used: 2x GB Fur (3 armor); 4x Eyes (1 hit); 1x Av Hair (1 def, +3 vit); 4x Gorilla Bunny Horns (1dmg, +1hit)


+2 if declared (melee bonus)
+1 to all defenses (AvHair)

Static Combat Defense: 8 (Dex) + 6 (Armor) + 6 (GB Fur) + 1(AvHair) + 2 (Donello’s ring) + 2 (beasts) + 4 (enemies with a mind) + 2 (if declared in melee) + 2 (Pavis) + 2 (cover from shield) + (Cover Bonus)
Armor and Dex = 23
With templar bonuses = 29
With Shield = 33
With Defense declaration = 35

Ablative Combat Defense: 8 (dex) + (Ablative Armor) + 4(enemies with a mind) + 2 (beasts) + 1 (AvHair) + 2 (Shield Cover Bonus) + 2 (Donello’s ring)

Active/Combat Defense: 8 (Dex) + 4 (enemies with a mind) + 2 (beasts) + 1 (AvHair) + 2 (Donello’s ring) + 2 (Martial arts if declared) + 1d10

Tech Defense: 4 + 4 (enemies with a mind) + 2 (beasts) + 1 (AvHair) + 2 (Donello’s Ring) + 1d10

Physical Fortitude: 8 (Con) + 2 (enemies with a mind) + 2 (beasts) + 2 (Donello’s ring)
Mental Fortitude: 6 (Wil) + 2 (enemies with a mind) + 2 (beasts) + 2 (Donello’s Ring)


(add this number to a 1d20)
Listen: 8
Spot: 9 + 2 (For secrets things)
Smell: 6


2 free “Any” Crafting Slots

Level 11 Empathic Arts
Creative Roll: 9 (Cha) + 8 (lvl 11) + 1 (BKWB)
Crafting Slots: 3/3 (Spanky, Helmet, and Bee Armor)

  1. +2 Defense against enemies with a mind
  2. Recognize spells when being cast
  3. Project Emotion
  4. Psychic Lash (Ch+CR+1d10) 1d4 dmg against a target and the two nearest enemies of that target.
  5. +2 hit
  6. Sensory Connection: Gain a +1 for each shared sense (comparable or weaker) between Skoll and the target. So 5’s against humanoids, 2-4’s for most animals, 0-2 for really weird stuff. This number applies to Creative rolls (Psychic Lash uses a CR to determine hit) and your initial Psychic Lash damage, in addition phantasm’s become controllable hallucinations on the affected target.
  7. Awareness: Templar intuits magical/special gear being used against him.

Apparent Abilities
Mind Link – Ability to communicate with people mentally.
Brain Reading – Mine someone’s brain to figure stuff out about what they know.
Search for minds – Look for people who have brains.
Identify stuff – Identify stuff by touching them.
Phantasm – Make another individual sense something that isn’t there.

Level 3 Psychokinetic
Creative Rolls: +2 (lvl 3) + 6 (Willpower) + 1 (BKWB)

  1. +2 Shields, No shield battery required.
  2. +2 Ranged hit


Regional Armor: Natural Armor feat (wilds).
Simple Melee Weapons: Character can wield simple melee weapons without penalty.
Guns: Allows the character to effectively wield small guns (one handed) without penalty.
Martial Arts: While engaged in melee the character gains 2 to hit or to defense, the bonus is not applied until the player announces this intention.
Humanoid Anatomy: Character possesses an intimate knowledge of humanoid anatomy and can aid vitality recovery on days off to persons under his care (+ 1). 2 vitality is recovered immediately when a character has his wounds bound by a character with this feat.
Ambidexterity: Use two weapons as well as one.
Finesse: Use Dexterity in melee instead of Strength.
Pharmacy: Character shows an interest and understanding of natural substances around them. If recipes/concoctions are found and studied, the character is able to create the substance in question with greater control and potency. If someone without the feat were to make the concoction then a possible unwilling ‘victim’ must beat a 15 using a physical fortitude check. With the feat the victim must save against a 17 + character level of the pharmacist
-—known poisons: Sleep.
-—known potions: Antihistamines.
Constitution: +3 HP
Constitution again: +4 HP


Armor: Natural Armor
Bee (6 armor) + Eyes of Enemyx2 ( + 1 hit/each) + Snake Tongues (+1 to sense checks)

Snake Skull Helm: 1 cha/creative rolls of fear or intimidation; bonus sense checks (2 on one when worn, separate weaker check when off); mental communication; wider peripheral vision.

Mental Detachment Helm Mental commands and physical commands can now operate in the same round.

Spanky!: Mountain Wolf. Minotaur horn battle armor.

Bee Armor: 5 rounds of flight at 5x run speed, very maneuverable, 3 times per day. Less if encumbered. 6 armor, +4 mods

Volcanic Glass Shield: +1 Armor, reflects half damage back at the attacker.

Tree Shield: Pavis (+2 Armor, +2 cover), big enough to protect another, small enough when not being used, and light weight enough to be carried by a weakling like me.

Hand Guns x 2: (1d3 10×2) +1 to hit – on a crit, one freezes the enemy.

Rifle with bayonette: Rifle: 1d4 (10×3) ;
Bayonette: 1d6 9×3
Combat Knife: 1d6 9×3

Danello Ring: +2 to defenses (not ablative)

War Travellers

0x Health Potions ( + 1d4 + 2 hp when drunk)
Rope: 50ft
Gas Grenade x1
Books with unknown language.
staff and cards
Book of the Black Order: The Empire of Nod the Underground city when we robbed the priest. Sarver killed him) - Given to Quovan in exchange for learning the language etc.
Aviadorra’s hair: +3 vit, +1 defenses.
Herald of Nod – the blade that I found before the girl was almost sacrificed. Quovan – the BO traitor – had been to this altar.
Strange Volcanic Plant
Minotaur heads
Gargoyle Wings
Gargoyle Head.
Undead Sewer Book

Research and the sort

HUMAN SPIRIT! – +1-3 on ALL rolls depending on how “grim” the situation might be.

The Empire of Nod
god’s existed as fundamental principles that represent truths of the megaverse.
New gods created daily as the MEGAVERSE expanded. One was Life, a sliver on the spectrum.
Life Spectrum = the nest of chaos; where Violus was born.
Violus gave purpose to things that didn’t have it before. He shaped the gods, and gave the gods form. Gave life to things.
Through the gift of form and life, they began fighting with one another.
Violus and Time are lesser gods, and are friends.
Nod = the negative nexus of the megaverse; chaos/decay
Zel = positive nexus; exudes power/energy; on one end of the spectrum; time goes from Zel to Nod
Nod and Zel = not happy with one another, and the lesser gods tried to ease the tension. Both are asleep thanks to this. This made a bit of a reprieve from their fighting.
Nod is female.

Vignot City-
The girls with the guitars. Jennie and Arvine – they’re gonna teach me to sing and play the guitar.

Guitar Playing and Singing


Mushroom + Catepillar = aphrodesiac.
The fungus actually lays its spores into the Caterpillar.
Caterpillars are chill at the high points in the mountains.
I found out where to look for the mats. It grows in mountains.
4x Worms, male and female
Mushroom! I have one!

Skoll obsidian


Skoll is a youth from a tribe in the wilds. During his life he has learned the “ins and outs” of his charismatic intellectual abilities.

Skoll’s tribe left the tower cities 30 or so years ago. They find themselves in the middle of their first “all wilds” generation – Skoll’s generation.

Disgusted by what they saw as the mass of Earth’s populations slavery to Violus, the individuals of the tribe-to-be left in the hopes of regaining their freedom. Determined to create a civilization free from the tyranny dealt from Violus, the people willingly took up the hardships of life in the wilds to live free.

The gathering of people who acknowledge the threat of Violus to life on Earth was a dangerous task (Is this true, DM? – Would openly “insulting” Violus be a threat to one’s life? If not, this whole paragraph can be taken out…). The individuals were found through a sort of underground network — secret handshakes and the sort. After a long arduous search, a group of 50+ (does this seem like an appropriate number?) set out from (insert Tower City Name Here) and ventured forth to the wilds.

The venture was difficult, and a few lost their lives. But overall it was successful. A colony was established, Aviollage. The band of individuals was led generally led by Laupnor. The colony agreed upon a minarchist society, that is one with with a very weak government. Laupnor only had authority to the degree that the members of the society agreed upon at the time, and all powers were limited. The general law taught in Aviollage is that you are free to do that which you will with your property, so long as it doesn’t interfere with another’s right to do the same.

The colony has lasted for some 30 years. No one that left (Insert tower city name) is under 50 years of age, and the “first all-wilds” generation is beginning to have children of their own. Altogether the number of people living in Aviollage has remained about constant – children have been born to replace the original members who have been lost.

Laupnor has requested a sort of pilgrimage party be created to go to a nearby city and recruit a few more members. Knowing that Skoll is a naturally charismatic individual, he personally requested Skoll go with the group. A group of five veterans of the wilds plus Skoll ventured out to a nearby city. If possible, the group was to meet with Avi’dora (the representative lady) and gain favor with her.

They came near a building just as they saw it engulfed in flames. Immediately they dashed to help the individuals caught inside the explosion.



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