Episode 24 and 25: When a guy says, "want to see my fire golems?" you say NO.

When we last left off, The Ever Alert Skoll mentioned a beast. It was a gargoyle, and it was very beastly indeed. We tied him up, woke him up, and greeted him as if he wasn’t in immediate danger of being murdered. We asked him his name, to which he replied, “fire shooting out of my mouth everywhere.” A strange name indeed! It was hard to tell how the conversation ended, because the laser through his skull and his swift decapitation all happened so quickly. Adam feigned disgust at our lack of diplomacy, as if killing grotesque winged creatures who don’t talk about their past was somehow offensive to him.

We continued our travels, and in the interest of not knowing precisely what happened brevity, we’ll skip the details of our journey. We eventually found ourselves near the summit of an ominous volcano. Someone in the party probably knew why we were there, but the only thing that concerned 0rca was the sound of distant screams heard during the night, seemingly correlated with the increasing number of gargoyles in the area. We eventually came upon a town, whose level 0s claimed to be tormented by gargoyle attacks. There were far fewer gargoyles than estimated, but enough for the party to get some exercise. 0rca spotted Lieutenant gargoyle on a rooftop, patiently overseeing the action. Adam made a flying dash for it while 0rca took pot shots with her rifle. It came down swiftly. A key was found on the beast, which Quovan or whoever identified as a key to the dragon temple..? No one in the party knew much about dragons, but 0rca watched a lot of tower cinema. And if there’s one thing that dragons love, it’s volcanos, and one happened to be nearby. We returned to our harrowing climb.

You never know what to expect near the top of a volcano. But in our case, the two druids guarding an entrance were completely expected since we were looking for one gone-mad. Skoll made our lies their truth and we proceeded on. The giant immobile gargoyle, however, was not expected. You might think that we should have also expected gargoyles, and surely at least some adventurers must have entertained the idea in their heads. But the sight of a giant gargoyle, who was not a statue but nonetheless trying its hardest to act like one, was more than a little off-putting. We proceeded on.

We met up with the mad druid. The cruel operation he showed us proved he was mad, but his nonchalant attitude toward it all was a good indicator of just how mad he was. It’s not immediately apparent why the party agreed to take a tour of his evil mountain fortress, but that’s exactly what happened. He showed us the slave mines, the rickety staircase, the open pits of fire, and the grand finale of his tour, a dark and mysterious hallway. This concluded the tour, and the party stood starry-eyed as the mad druid summoned a couple of lava golems before returning to his nefarious operations.

0rca was in favor of exploring the mysterious hallway while others wanted to fight the golems. It was a decision between no immediate danger and white-hot immediate danger. Sound robot logic won out in the end. The hallway led to a prison. The mad druid came back down after some time and wondered why we weren’t in our cells. He was stabbed to near-death, and that’s when the smoke dryad appeared. Adam blocked her with a force wall, and then, in an attempt to bargain for the druid’s life, he allowed a small opening. Hot, noxious fumes and gases immediately filled the area before filling our lungs. Before we passed out, we watched as the smoke dryad pushed the mad druid’s body into the ground. She wisely decided not to fight the unconscious and deceptively vulnerable party.

The party woke up from their nap and decided that volcano jail isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. With the mad druid assuredly gone forever, the smoke dryad was the next on our shit-list. We freed the prisoners and made a run for it as Quovan (or some prisoners or whatever, fuck you) froze the lava golems. The golems fractured apart, sorcerer’s apprentice-style, and dozens of mini golems peppered the gauntlet we were about run. Most made it out unscathed.

Mastodonic "Members"

After a fun party with the Druids etc. We decided to continue our Journey to Violus City. The druids and the rest decided that it wasn’t especially necessary for us to go with them to investigate the issues regarding the messed up people to the North. They launched their own group to check it out.

As we headed south, the issues of food and water weighed heavy on our minds. How can we carry what we need? Our favorite Black Lion died in a crazy-pants fight against Winston Scarsdale. Adam decided that he would kill some gophers, while The Magnificent Skoll took it upon himself to enslave a mastadon. That’s right, the newest member of the party became a mastodon. With such a beast of burden, the party knew they would be safe both from land attacks AND from hunger. All hail The Great Skoll.

On the trip, the mammoth provided protection, a ride, and a place to store stuff. 0Rca, the engineering DJ, made barrels and the sort to let us store food and water in.

The party came across a steep mountain range and had to make a decision between abandoning our mammoth or moving East and traveling up some foothills. We chose to travel east because it was on our way and let us keep the mastadon.

That night, Adam picked a fight with some minotaurs who were having a rape-party without us. Four hot chicks were tied to posts, and the mintaurs were hungry for rape. We broke up the party, though… and we almost got broken for it. The Terrifyingly Magnificent Skoll kept 3 in terror while the rest of the party took aim at the dastardly monsters. The first minotaur fell, then oRCA, then the second minotaur, and then Adam. It was up to the Death-Defying Skoll (and to a lesser extent, Paul) to save the betroubled ladies! For, should he fail, Aviadorra, the one to save mankind from Violus’ enslavement, and the ever-precious Sannah would befall the mastadonic “members” of the mighty minotaurs.

With a mind of fury, The Will-Breaker Skoll crushed the feeble minds of the minotaurs while simultaneously dodging all attacks made at him. Could a greater ally ever be had? No, is the answer.

As the last minotaur ran in terror, Skoll’s keen eyes took sight of his target and let loose the fury of his powerful mind. Dead, lay the minotaur. The ladies were safe… FOR NOW.

The group discovered a few shiny objects that the primitive minotaurs must have thought were shiny, and a rather intricately locked chest filled with even more bling… and a magic wand.

We ventured further south as the party lick its wounds. A hungry bird wished to make a meal out of their mastadon, but unfortunately for it, the Wily Skoll was able to protect it.

The party met some refuges evacuating from a volcano and had a chit-chat about the poor state the area was in. Quovan let everyone have a feast of food.

The night came, and the party tracked down a terrifying monster. The Ever Alert Skoll put the beast to sleep as the party decided what to do with it.

Episode 22: Adam's Log

We traveled south into the forest. Aviadora tried to use her druidic magics to cure the crazypants plague, but was unsuccessful. After not too long we arrived at a large wall. Nobody answered the doorbell, so we climbed it.

On the other side of the wall was a village which was populated by villagers. They seem to have all contracted the crazypants plague, and there was evidence of a large scale snake attack. Like rats with the bubonic plague, so these snakes appear to be with the crazypants plague. I feel sorry for the guy that had to endure rats bursting forth from his skin.

We continued south until we arrive at the city of Deweese. We had apparently arrived just in time to catch the druid/demisire convention down in the creepy glowing skull convention center. The interior of the skull, like the interior of most skulls, wasn’t very clean. There were mushrooms and other lifeforms growing along the stairwell as we descended. Skoll seemed interested in some of them. When he asked the druids down in the show hall about them they tittered like little school girls. I wonder what he’s up to.

The people druids and desisires were meeting about the trouble brewing up north, which we were able to partially inform them about. When asked what they intended to do now that they had the faintest idea as to what was going on they responded with a collective shrug. Some of them seem to think that Danello may be found to the south near a volcano that’s causing trouble in the area. We were warned to watch out for a maddened dryad. We’ve had pretty good luck with crazy things thus far, hopefully it holds as we continue south.

Episode 21: Adam's Log

Winston happily engaged us in combat over which of us would retain the right to slog Aviadora through the jungle. We won this one, but it was rough.

He had in his possession a number of swords which had blades comprised of some sort of energy beam. These… beam… swords seemed a great deal more dangerous than regular swords and Winston was alarmingly fast. After watching him reduce the Violynn to easy to carry bits I took it upon myself to entrap him within a force wall along with Paul and me, and detonated that rather expensive EMP grenade I was saving for thing 1 and thing 2. Winston was kind enough to finish off thing 1 during the battle, so it evened out.

After his toys were broken Winston proceeded to shoot lightning from his fingertips. While unpleasant, this was preferable to losing appendages to beam swords. The only times I was able to land any sword strikes of my own on him were when he was distracted by Skoll’s mental attacks. Unfortunately, he regenerated as or more quickly than I do, so it seemed that barring a miracle Winston would eventually whittle us down. I was contemplating grabbing Aviadora and flying south while Winston was trapped under another force wall, but Winston fled the battle of his own volition. He seemed distracted by something that was happening in the south, and headed north.

Inside that metal case he left behind was indeed Danello’s long dead girlfriend. She had no idea how she got there, but agreed to follow us south anyhow. We skirted around the fallen city of Romania and ran into Danello’s other two friends in the region, who were fighting a futile battle against the endless waves of crazies. They suggested two locations to the south in which we may find him, and we left them to their toiling.

In the southern mountain pass there were large numbers of refugees who claimed that the road to the south was blocked by legions of mutant spiders. They were telling the truth, in fact the spiders were in such numbers that they formed a wall to bar our escape. I made us a nifty staircase to scale the wall with, but hands came out and pointed us back to the tree where the girl was. For some reason, I went back.

The girl was where we left her, atop the ruined tree that used to tower over the empire. She spoke something at me in her chaotic non-language and gestured over the city. I told her I couldn’t understand, and she released a multitude of snakes upon the platform. They were eager to bite me, and as the venom spread I found that I could understand her.

She was indeed Nod made flesh. She called us ‘the keepers’, probably in reference to our early role as her caretaker. She said that we could stay here and learn how to use her power. This was a little intriguing, but I imagine of of the many things remaining here would cost us would be our sanity. I told her we had to leave, and that we would return.

When I got back to the camp, snakes shot out of my flesh. Not just a few snakes either. This was one of my least favorite things that has happened in recent memory. The snakes infected everyone who were lingering about, although they ignored Aviadora. It was speculated that the forces of Nod cannot perceive her due to one of the many protections that have been bestowed on her by her nature. When the madness took them and they began to speak their crazy speak, I alone could understand and communicate with them. I was able to use this questionable gift to persuade Danello’s lady, newly infected with madness, to continue south with us(She was concerned that if she moved from that spot her hair would eat her brain, so the only logical thing to do was shave her head).

Ahead us lays the Forest of Lusts. A ‘Lust’ is a demisire who decides to leave the comfort of the tower city and travel the world. It is taken from the word ‘wanderlust’. Or so I’m told.

Episode the 20th

We obtained our audience with the Steward. He heard our tale with detached interest and retired deeper into his treehouse to discuss it with the emperor. Shortly after the immense tree began to warp and bend. That nameless girl seemed to be forcing the tree to peel away from the center like a banana. The distance to the ground was immense, so we thought it best to get the important people to safety. Then, Skoll decided to stay behind and save the elitist socialites who inhabited the upper tiers of the tree. 0rca and the other two cerebelle followed his lead.

It seemed that when faced with the reality of what was happening there was little they could do to save anyone. I’m a little baffled at how they survived themselves. They brought with them a handful of ungrateful humans who will probably not have the means to survive once this society on which they feed has finished collapsing. The tree was destroyed and the city surrounding it was one step closer to total ruin. This was our que to collect they payment we were promised for saving Stewart’s life and head north to meet up with one of Danello’s friends. Conveniently, Winston attached himself to our group for this journey.

We caught up to the first of the three of Danello’s circle that were in the area and to my great surprise, he was an asshole(just kidding, I’m not surprised). I allowed him to pass on his way for the time being.

With Winston’s intentions known to the group, Skoll has been understandably less tolerant of his presence. This came to a head with Skoll flat out asking Winston to leave. Winston sent me an email saying it was now or never to make ‘the exchange’. I opted for never, and he laid down that strange case he’d been carrying with him down and drew weapons. It’s time for us to get a measure of how bad a dude Winston really is. On the bright side, if I am killed in the coming battle I won’t have to deal with the contents of that case…

Episode 18/19: Adam's Log

Leaving another one of those strange geneocracy cities and seeing the explosion at it’s pinnacle, I was fairly certain Winston was nearby. It seems he has indeed taken that conversation we had a while back seriously. We haven’t made any sort of deal really, but it seems he’s running around doing the crazy crap I said that might persuade me to sell out Aviadora. I’m not really planning on doing so, and I wasn’t then, but it makes me uneasy anyway.

I brushed the explosion off, because in truth I am so very eager to find Danello and the Vassgen facility that created my sister and me. Everything else is a frustrating distraction at best. For example, most of that day was wasted while Skoll dug up and communed with some sentient plantlife that seems to be strewn about the kingdom of Romania. It claims to be emperor or something. Maybe it is.

We also met a strange girl who seems to be hunting Winston. Whats more, Winston seems to be actively avoiding her. Perhaps he even fears her. Whatever it is, I hope we can use her to fight him if/when he makes his move, or when we make ours.

Eventually we made it to what is considered to be the seat of the empire. It is there that Vassgen is located. What we found on premises was… disappointing. The tour yielded little in the way of answers. I did manage to use my DNA to snag an ID pass for some version of myself that at one time resided in the city. A search of his rather modest home turned up a plethora of melee weapons and what I’m fairly certain are resurrection tanks for the one sharing my DNA and his sister.

That creepy girl, whom I believe to be Nod made flesh, found her way to the insane asylum while we were wandering about. She appropriated that evil dagger that Skoll has been for some reason carrying around with him and plunged it into the edifice of the structure. Chaos ensued.

Inmates and guards alike came pouring out of the structure, which seemed to be transmogrifying into something else entirely. They seemed to be infected with some kind of hyper contagious insanity to which we were immune. In fact they ignored us entirely. Attempts to get them to attack us at all were unsuccessful. The city’s defenses had little effect on the impossible number of madmen pouring from the… portal?

We attempted to evacuate some of the locals before things got too horrible. Once the threshold broke we returned to Vassgen so that 0rca could obtain some piece of technology she had been searching for. They lied their way to success, capitalizing on the fear and confusion while giving the people entrenched there a false sense of hope. To be honest, the deception made me strangely uneasy. Maybe it is because 0rca and Skoll consider themselves to be virtuous, but act otherwise when it’s convenient. I know that I am no paragon of virtue, but I never claimed to be. Skoll did manage to pry some useful information about Vassgen’s cloning acitivities out of some upper level employee of the joint, though.

At some point I spoke to that plant that fancies itself emperor. It, being a plant that covers most of the kingdom and Danello being a druid I thought perhaps they were acquainted. They were, and Danello has apparently traveled south.

We left the city in chaos and headed toward the massive tree at the center of the kingdom where the leadership was supposed to reside. Some discussion with the guards convinced them that we were worth talking to and we were escorted to the top. Conveniently, Winston was also conducting some business up there. He invited us to stay with him. I, at least, declined.

While everyone made arrangements for the night, I decided to take it upon myself to find Vassgen’s cloning facility. That fellow at Vassgen mentioned that they had a facility up in the mountains somewhere, so with that area quickly falling into chaos, that night was as good a time as any to find it. I’m told flying is risky over the wilds, so I was fortunate that Aviadora was so eager to go for a night flight, since travelling with her through the wilds is decidedly less dangerous.

We found the facility with not too much trouble, and the men standing outside thought they recognized me. After explaining who I was, they agreed to let ‘father’ talk to me if I would agree to wait in a holding cell. I was a little afraid for Aviadora being held by them while I would be potentially unable to act, so I decided I should fly her back before entering their cell. She stubbornly refused. So, together, we entered their custody.

After not too long, I got to meet the man whom they referred to as father. He called himself Clayton, and was a clone of the man who raised my sister and me. Danello’s log mentioned that the Clayton model was designed to be a teacher or leader of sorts. He was surprisingly accommodating and I liked him almost immediately. He offered me their file on Danello, which I took. He drove Aviadora and myself to his home in the mountains where we had dinner and discussed many things.

He claimed, among other things, that Vassgen in fact worked for them. He said that they were a group of assassins who were trying to safeguard the continued existence of humanity in case things with this Violus fellow didn’t work out. After some negotiation, I agreed to work with them. There is still alot I hope to learn and gain from them, but for now I am content to get Aviadora safely to the Violus city. With the way things have been going, I’m confident I will have the chance to chat with Danello along the way.

Episode 17: BRAWLIN'!

After a brief “randomly wandering the wilds in random directions”, our party came across a … robot with a gun attached to it. It apparently didn’t like us walking off the trails, and told us so.

… OK….

Anyway, we came across a city of sorts, NOVA Prospect, that let us come in… provided we undergo an eight hour detox. Before we underwent the detox, one of the Cerebelle that came with us from Vignaton opened up a communication device to relay information about the city we came across.

Apparently Adam Clay is wanted for grave-robbery-esque charges in Vignaton. We learned a deal about our companion, Abam Glay, on this trip, including that his wife was killed by some guy named Danello. The murder was, apparently, a possible accident of sorts, but nonetheless rage seethes through the blood of Abomb Glee. It seems that he went searching through Danello’s home in Vignaton during the night of the ceremony. But, he denies the charges of apparent grave robbery.

Danello is the reason why we’re heading towards Romania, despite carrying with us one of the more important people in the universe: Skoll, the humble.

The city let us in, and we were able to look about and search around. Some of us took the opportunity to engage in character building endeavors, some of us did not.

We enjoyed the night there – BEDS – and left in the morning.

On our continuing way to Romania, we apparently came across another city, Trius. In this Eugenic’s paradise, one can only go about it if they are at least a citizen, and even then one can only advance to the higher tiers if one is of ‘Hitler-esque genetic superiority’. Mustaches or bust!

We were promptly told to stay out of their town. We set up camp, and started taking turns guarding the place.

Apparently, while Apple Curry was on watch, a group of thieves decided he was too scary looking and didn’t attack. So, when Skoll, the beguiling, took watch they decided to make their move. Two came to greet him, which is a surprising action, considering that Skoll, the devilishly handsome, wears a giant snake’s head for a helmet. Although, if you have to choose between ‘a guy with spider wings’ and ‘a guy wearing a snake’s head’, I guess you go with the snake, eh?

Anyway, Skoll, the ever-vigilant, immediately searched the area for other minds and discovered four more behind the camp. Terror went pouring through the minds of them all, and loud noises awoke the mighty Skoll’s party. Well, not the whole party: only Adumb Dirt and the Lion. Vaelynn scrounged ’em all up, and we – through torture – found out where their hideout was.

We took their Civilian-of-the-Empire passes and Skoll, the charmer, tricked the guards into believing that we were those on the card. We walked in to the base – it was a strip club – after drinking champagne at a coffee shop across the street.

We started kicking the crap out of everyone there once we learned that they probably didn’t have any cool stuff there. And then we left…

… an anti-climactic ending of the trip.

Episode 16: no.sleep.till romania.

And so Vignaton rejoiced at their rather sudden and unexpected deliverance from the seige. Aviadora and Sannah were whisked away for questioning and who knows what else while the party was left to it’s own devices for a while. That evening, a celebratory feast ensued, followed shortly after by celebrations of other sorts, in which some members of the party took part.

The following the party learned that some TalViol were lurking outside of the city and were in fact looking for them. Skoll, who was at first against getting near them entirely, later proceeded to lavish upon these curious strangers every secret and not so secret detail about their travels thus far. They left, somewhat perplexed, through nifty portal magics. They left behind one of their number whom the party had previously met. He graciously added himself to our ever growing inventory.

And so, having accomplished a great many things in and out of vignaton, the party continued it’s journey(on foot, like a bunch of damn chumps) to Violus City*.

*With a slight detour to the Ancient Kingdom of Romania!

Episode 15: FLAME ON!

(0rca’s account follows. Skoll’s adventure log is below it).
Begin 0RCA’s log

Several uneventful days drew us closer to Vignotton as we journeyed east to Violus city. But one night, 0rca heard footsteps on the road during watch. Espionage seemed like an appropriate tactic, so rather than alert the whole party and instigate certain carnage, 0rca woke Aviadorra and Velynn to form a small scouting party. Aviadorra dropped whomever she was doing and helped 0rca speak with Velynn, after which she retired back to her humid and pungent tent. Velynn carried 0rca to a safe vantage point on the bluff, and the two of them observed the travelers on the road.

Six members of the black order had come from the east. They stopped near a rock in the road that presumably acted as a waypoint. Their bored and off-guard mannerisms put 0rca at ease— our camp had not been detected as it had before. Within an hour, another six black order cultists arrived from the west, carrying an ornate golden box with them. Few words were exchanged before the group, twelve strong, made their way east along the road with the golden box in tow.

0rca returned to the party camp and informed everyone of the recent proceedings. Not being the type to let highly valuable loot walk right by them, the party resigned to steal the mystery box and slaughter the great big convoy. I mean, anything could be in that box.

Velynn sprung from the trees before the rest of the party attacked from behind. The black order magi demonstrated considerable ability, but hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster. The golden box was ours for the taking.

Because of the hieroglyphs on its side, we agreed not to open the box until morning, lest its divine glory shine true to give away our location/melt our faces. Skoll played 20 questions and determined that whatever was inside could hold an ample amount of bread. Also it was a genie’s lamp. 0rca built a cart to carry the box, to be pulled by our trusty man-servants.

The genie’s lamp came in handy sooner than we thought it would. A black order army was on the road where they seemed to have spent most of their recent days— They were chillin’ out, maxin’, and jackin’ with fate, they just shootin’ up Vignotton outside of the gate. When a couple of PCs, who intend to do good, started dealing justice to the cultist brood. They summoned one little genie, and the crowd was fried. A wave of flame splashed upon them and that’s how they died.

We pulled up to the tower just a little bit later, and we yelled to the guards “yo homes, let us in there!" We put up our feet, and got a little fresh air. We had brilliantly saved Vignotton Tower with flare.

End 0RCA’s log
Begin Skoll’s log

In the middle of a night, we were awoken by BBT. He told us that we might be able to ambush a pack of those jerk-wads who were carrying a shiny box of gold.

We blitzed em in a midnight strike. After a long arduous fight against a stoned dude, we were able to kill them all and secure the sweet sweet goodness.

Inside was a Pipette of Elemental Summoning (thanks to the great Skoll’s identification skills). When it became clear that we would need to nuke a Black Order encampment, we followed the directions to summon the human torch.

We found out, after summoning the guy, that we couldn’t speak with him. Luckily Skoll, the mighty, was fluent in Flaming-Tongue and managed to communicate with him that we’d appreciate his nuking of that encampment.

He did.

With a loud, numerous-minute long screech that made our ears burn (PUN INTENDED, LAWL), he created a forest fire that destroyed the enemy easily.

The guy was totally flaming.

Anyway, he melted the gold and pipette and went on his way.

… so we just waltzed in to the city to a hero’s welcome.

End Skoll’s log

Episode 14: Cows, Crabs, Cults

The party, now safely away from their latest mass murder site, took the opportunity to rest and question the first ever cooperative Impos’Nim. It’s name was Quovan. The past tense is used because once he was finished distributing information some members of the party were in a strange hurry to murder him. This was at least partialy due to Quovan mentioning that when he died he could inform his fellow sane Impos’Nim about the recent goings on with the cult of Nod.

Winston later mentioned that Quovan probably believed the party to be responsible for the reawakening of Nod. It had something to do with saving that creepy girl, so technically Skoll is responsible. Regardless of who is to blame, his reasoning seemed flismy at best.

So, with Quovan slain in cold blood by Skoll, the party continued east. When they neared a villiage, they elected to avoid it, since it was obviously the Black Order’s HQ. Continuing east, some members of the group were for some reason interested in compromising their position by interfering with patrols along the road. Thankfully none really came, although a raiding party of Minotaur made its way by them late at night, and the party was attacked by crabs! This was unusual, since Aviadora’s presence has up until now spared the party attacks by forest dwelling animals. Later, the Minotaur patrol swung through in the other direction with bonus female captives.

The party embarked the following morning, in the direction of the minotaur camp.


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