The “Companion Race” to Humanity is known as the Cerebelle.


The first Cerebelle were designed and built by Lord Violus himself in V.213 as part of the First Concession following the extended sessions of Avialeidaa’s “Plea of Human Necessity.” The first hundred were crafted to support the struggling and diminished population of Humanity following the Year of Blood, taking roles as police and arbiters. Since then the role of Cerebelle in Human society has evolved; frequently securing positions in public service, medical or fields generally considered hazardous to Humans.

The first Cerebelle, Cerebella, acts as the representative to the All-Sire on behalf of the race and is to the race what a queen might be to a hive of bees, she is rarely seen apart from Lord Violus. Cerebella was created unique to all other Cerebelle to support her role as representative of the Cerebelle. She posses a core of processors dedicated to sorting information from the Conscription Network, the function of this core is vital to Cerebelle reproduction.


The Cerebelle is a Synthetic Life Form, composed of a lightweight polymer skeletal frame supported by a synthetic muscular system. The muscular groups closely mimic those of the Human body allowing for a similar range of motion, strength and fatigue.

The inner workings are protected by a set of interlocking body plates. These plates lock to the skeletal structure and are shaped to simulate the contours of a human female. A body plate is, for all intents and purposes the Cerebelle’s skin as they are designed to send tactile sensory information to the neural processor; humidity, temperature and friction are only a few sensations transmitted this way and to this end many Cerebelle report that the sensations experienced seems to be a function of the plates being worn. The plates that a Cerebelle is created with are generally hard plastic of sterile neutral tone, but custom plates may be designed for specific work. For instance, in the Wilds these plates can be made of ablative ceramic armor or light weight metals for protection or durability, for work in the Tower Cities a Cerebelle might have plates which mimic the texture and softness of Human flesh to help Human relationship building and social work. Cerebelle could be considered modest in that they are reluctant to be seen by humans without their plates, the most frequently offered reason for this modesty relates to fears that humans confronted regularly with the reality of Cerebelle ‘mechanical biology’ will be less inclined to form personal, emotional connections.

Cerebelle possess a mind composed of several different computers which perform in concert to closely mimic the function of a Human mind. The primary core is an Adaptive Network, a learning computer which adapts a personality and behavior from memories and experiences. These networks are complex enough to experience a full range of human emotions.

Although it is easy to think of Cerebelle as female because of their shape and social inclinations, the truth of Cerebelle sexuality is far more complex. They slide narrowly by the strict laws governing synthetic life in that there is a sexual process to their reproduction. Each Cerebelle is, in heart, body and mind, a female, but in the context of mechanical biology each is a drone. When a drone first makes emotional bonds with another sentient creature the experiences and interactions are logged and bench-marked in their adaptive matrix. When any such emotional bond escalates to the intensity of love these bench-marks are compiled into spawn files and prep’ed for transfer to Cerebella, the Queen. Cerebella produces a clutch of roughly 26 ‘eggs’ between every solar holiday (~104 per solar year). Spawn files are selected by Cerebella and implanted into an egg, the spawn file is an enormous algorithm that informs everything from the new Cerebelle’s personality, design and efficiency improvements, and even default plate color. A Cerebelle is never aware of the status of her spawn files and these files are only eligible for transmission in the moments immediately following the physical act of love. Although it sometimes happens most Cerebelle do not pursue emotional relationships with other Cerebelle.

Racial Ability Notes:

Synthetic Lifeform Because of their design and the materials used in their construction the Cerebelle enjoy a hardiness with which ‘natural’ races cannot compete. All Cerebelle receive a permanent bonus of 7 to their base vitality at creation. Likewise they are afforded immunities to magics designed to work on the flesh or the mind but suffer vulnerabilities to E.M. pulse and anti-mechanical weaponry or effect.
Reverence for Human Life As part of their design all Cerebelle possess a reverence for human life. A Cerebelle will never bring harm to a human unless the action will directly save the lives of other humans. Cerebelle will always seek to quell a human threat to other humans in a way that is perceived to be the least likely to be fatal. Nearly 100% of Cerebelle who harm or kill a human in a way that is, to them, unconscionable develop a myriad of mental health disorders, some similar to human disorders, such as depression, but most are unique conditions to the Cerebelle psyche. This Reverence extends only to natural humans, human clones or other sentient races are excluded.
Sense: Conscription Network Normally a Cerebelle is linked all other nearby Cerebelle by a wireless network. This network provides two functions. First, sensory information is transmitted and received over this network. This information is processed subconsciously by nearby Cerebelle allowing a level heightened coordination as more sensory information is added to the network. This translates to a bonus of 1 to hit and armor for the first Cerebelle added to your character’s network and an additional 1 to hit and armor for every two after the first to a maximum bonus of 3. Secondly if the character is within the confines of a Tower City, this network can connect her to the Cerebelle Tower providing her with emergency information when the city is put on alert. Similarly any Cerebelle may post a bulletin on the network to request aide from nearby Cerebelle. When accessing the Conscription Network in this way, the player may roll a d20 modified by their character’s Intelligence Modifier against the difficulty chance of the region to summon a Cerebelle to help the party.

Sense Check Progression:

Level Total Exp Listen Spot Smell
1 0 4 6 3
2 1000 4 6 3
3 2000 4 6 3
4 3000 4 7 3
5 4000 5 7 3
6 5000 5 7 3
7 6000 5 8 4
8 7000 5 8 4
9 8000 5 8 4
10 9000 6 9 4
11 10,000 6 9 4
12 11,000 6 9 5
13 12,000 6 10 5
14 13,000 6 10 5
15 14,000 6 10 5
16 15,000 7 11 5
17 16,000 7 11 5
18 17,000 7 11 6
19 18,000 7 12 6
20 19,000 7 12 6
21 20,000 7 12 6
22 21,000 7 13 6
23 22,000 7 13 6
24 23,000 7 13 6
25 24,000 7 13 6
26 25,000 7 13 6
27 26,000 7 13 6
28 27,000 7 13 6
29 28,000 7 13 6
30 29,000 7 13 6
31 30,000 7 13 6
32 31,000 7 13 6
33 32,000 7 13 6
34 33,000 7 13 6
35 34,000 7 13 6
36 35,000 7 13 6
37 36,000 7 13 6
38 37,000 7 13 6
39 38,000 7 13 6
40 39,000 7 13 6

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