Your character’s Class represents the skill sets they use to overcome obstacles.

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Artificer – Tower City, Gypsy Vessel, Wilder Civilization*
p. One who uses modern technology and ingenuity to deal with situations that arise. (Human, Cerebelle, Macier)

Druid – Tower City, Wilds, Fey Civilization*
p. A servant of Violus, a protector of his sphere. (Human, Tal’Viol, Macier)

Templar – Tower City, Wilder Civilization*
p. One who has trained his body and mind to the limits of its potential. (Human, Cerebelle, Tal’Viol)

Primeval Sorcerer – Any
p. A magic user whose power comes from an instinctual connection to the base elements of the universe. (Tal’Viol)

Sentinel – Tower City
p. Sentinel is cut because having a warrior class in a game where every class is essentially a caster turned out to be silly. Abilities read as being watered down versions of things other classes were already doing, better.

Wizard – Wilder Civilization
p. A magic user whose power comes from academic research, study, and lab work.


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