Creative Talent Points

These things don’t really have a specified name, but Evan decided to call them Creative Talent Points. This is because they are based off of your Creative Roll for the given Talent of your specific Class’ ability.

Other suggested names were “development points” … and probably another one or two.

These points are allocated to a specific project that your class can achieve. For example, an individual with the “talent” of an engineer could work towards the “development” of a flying camera-scouting device; or a psychosomantically “talented” Templar could use his brain powers to “develop” bodily appendages; etc. etc.

Discuss with your DM what you want to do, and he’ll generate a quantity of “Creative Talent Points” that you might need to create the project in question. Each game-night (i.e., once per week in real life) you will roll your creative roll, and subtract that number from the total that the DM asked for. When it gets to 0, your developed item/ability/doohicky is created!

Creative Talent Points

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