Long ago on the Viol home world it became apparent to the Viol Sophists that their race’s natural inclination to the magical arts was hurting their economic and industrial future. Fearing that their people faced a technological regression to a sort of magical dark age the Viol, who were at this time still loyal to the All-Sire, enlisted the magics of his sphere to grow a new race who would not feel the pull of magic and could focus their creative energies on industry and craft. And so were forged, the Macier. Their title as the Viol slave race belies the intimacy that the races once shared, their relationship closer resembled what the Cerebelle are to humanity today. Since their arrival the Macier have outgrown their loyalties to the Viol peoples and those living outside the Imposs’Nim strongholds consider themselves ‘free’ and enjoy cultures which are unburdened by the Viol Sophists.

Much of what we know of the Viol home world and the events leading up to Violus’ escape to our world and the arrival of the Viol Imposs’Nim come from the Macier loyalists who arrived on Earth with the Imposs’Nim. The controversial decision to turn their back on the All-Sire was made without the Macier and so the Imposs’Nim found it impossible to bring the slave race in line with their own law. Generations later when the world ships left the Viol home world they brought with them the Macier on whom they still depended for much of their production and economy. It is now estimated that over half of the Macier who survived the trip to Earth had been loyal do Lord Violus. Upon arriving they left the Imposs’Nim to prepare Earth for the war that would inevitably ensue when their so called masters finally found their beloved All-Sire. Although first greeted by Humanity and Cerebelle with a careful and suspicious eye the Macier have since proven their loyalty to the All-Sire through deeds and service.


At a glance an adult Macier appears to be a humanoid mammal when in truth the race is the most advanced form of sentient plant life known to exist. In shape and structure they resemble the Viol though stocky and muscular rather than lithe and delicate. Standing only about as tall as a human they seem small because of their characteristic long legs and necks. Their heads are proportionately similar in size to the Viol but with a short muzzle tipped with a small mouth. No nasal passages are evident and Macier experience the sensation of scent on the tips of their flat broad tongues. Their large eyes are set slightly wider than on the Viol face and tend to have wide, colorful iris’ and hair lashes. The Macier neck is thicker, showing more muscular definition and mounts the head in the back giving the entire assembly a sort of snake like appearance. The torso is thicker but follows the same S-curve as the Viol torso though the Macier tends to be longer in the abdomen. The Macier female has a pair of large round breasts on her chest which produce a sweet, nutrient rich nectar year round. Macier history is fraught with stories of females nourishing their tribes through tough times but because they do not feed their young the way mammals do, a common explanation for the appearance of Macier breasts tells that these were added by the Sophists so that females could better aesthetically fulfill their occasional role as bed warmers or concubines for male Viol. Though there is no study on the topic, this female nectar is reputed to have healing properties and is the main ingredient in many Imposs’Nim delicacies to this day. The Macier tail is proportionately twice as long as the Viol, long enough to be wagged or to curl gesturally or for balance but still not useful for lifting or wielding objects or weapons. Macier arms are proportionately much shorter than Viol arms and in many ways more resemble human arms than Viol. Their fingers are shorter and slightly thicker at the tip allowing them a better acuity and precision when doing high-detail work. The Macier leg is almost structurally identical to the Viol leg except that it is more muscular and is tipped with a hand-like paw rather than a hoof. This paw is equipped with an opposable digit allowing the Macier to grip the surfaces on which he stands, allowing more stable footing on unstable terrain. Each toe digit is tipped with a short claw suitable for protecting the digit but no more dangerous than a human finger nail in a fight.

Macier tend to be earthy in pigmentation ranging in colors that are reminiscent of autumn leaves. A dense ‘peach-fuzz’ covers much of the Macier body excluding the face, front of the neck, chest, abdomen, pubis, inside of the thighs, hands and feet. This fuzz is part of a highly sensitive organ allowing the Macier a heightened tactile sense and allowing them to sense micro vibrations within air currents causing them to seem to have a limited 360 degree sight range. Males possess a dorsal ridge of broad binary petals, resembling butterfly wings. When closed they form a skin toned, fin-like mohawk down the spine. When opened it shows a broad colorful design in a swath down the back, this display is often cited as the most attractive part of the male by females. Females grow a similar dorsal ridge of spine like buds which open, flower-like, during the female’s fertile season. Once fertilized these will close and drop off as seeds of the next generation and regrow before her next fertile season. Although a fertilized female will drop a few hundred of these seeds often only several will take root and grow into infant Macier. In some Imposs’Nim circles these seeds are an even greater delicacy than Macier nectar and often fetch huge prices from the right buyers. The offense of eating Macier seeds is considered a grave atrocity to the Macier people and is always met with hostility.

Racial Ability Notes:

Paw Grip Because the Macier paw grips the surface on which it stands more than any other race they tend to topple less easily. Attackers attempting to topple them must roll 2 higher than the Macier character’s defense or the knockdown portion of the attack may be ignored. Similarly Macier gain a bonus of 2 to any roll associated with balance.
Sense: Spacial The Macier ability to sense micro-vibrations in the air around them allows them a sort of aura of awareness in a radius of about 3 yards except for in front. They can sense the movement and velocity of bodies large enough to disturb the air around them allowing reaction as though they they were able to see the object out of sight. In combat this translates to a bonus of 2 to defense against melee attackers.

Sense Check Progression:

Level Total Exp Listen Spot Smell
1 0 5 5 6
2 1000 5 5 6
3 2000 5 5 6
4 3000 6 5 6
5 4000 6 5 6
6 5000 6 5 6
7 6000 7 5 7
8 7000 7 6 7
9 8000 7 6 7
10 9000 8 6 7
11 10,000 8 6 7
12 11,000 8 7 8
13 12,000 9 7 8
14 13,000 9 7 8
15 14,000 9 7 8
16 15,000 10 8 9
17 16,000 10 8 9
18 17,000 10 8 9
19 18,000 11 8 10
20 19,000 11 9 10
21 20,000 11 9 10
22 21,000 11 9 10
23 22,000 11 9 10
24 23,000 11 9 10
25 24,000 11 9 10
26 25,000 11 9 10
27 26,000 11 9 10
28 27,000 11 9 10
29 28,000 11 9 10
30 29,000 11 9 10
31 30,000 11 9 10
32 31,000 11 9 10
33 32,000 11 9 10
34 33,000 11 9 10
35 34,000 11 9 10
36 35,000 11 9 10
37 36,000 11 9 10
38 37,000 11 9 10
39 38,000 11 9 10
40 39,000 11 9 10

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