Short history of the Gods

In the beginning, all of the Gods existed as fundamental principles- things that were inherently true in the Megaverse.

New ones were formed almost daily, as the Megaverse gradually complexified. It grew and flourished this way, in a sort of harmony. Nod is the word given to the negative Nexus of the Megaverse. “Zel” is the positive nexus. If you imagine the Megaverse as a long continuum (which is a simplification), at one end, there is Zel. And Zel exudes power. It is an ordered energy source. Time travels from Zel to Nod. Nod is an entropy. It is chaos and decay.

As the Megaverse was becoming more complex, new things were constantly growing. In a small narrow band between Zel and Nod, there came to be life. Not as we know it, but it was life. This place is sometimes referred to as the garden of chaos in sermons delivered by Violus himself. It is where he was born. Violus represents life, and everything that comes with it.

Only after ages of time did Violus actually come into his power. As a being with a mind and imagination, as a being between order and chaos (with a healthy dose of each), he was able to give purpose to things that didn’t have it before. He could personify the other gods.

By giving shape to these gods, he unwittingly gave them each form. Young and naive, he was, but it was probably a mistake that couldn’t be avoided. He had the power to grant life to things, and did so.

Each of the Gods that he created enjoyed the things that came with having form. Being. For a short time this was not very detrimental. But after time, these Gods began to bicker and become unusually friendly with each other, forming relationships. It caused a strange imbalance in the Megaverse. Huge difficulties in the laws set down by some Gods were bent to accomodate the Gods’ relationship, and they were strictly enforced when relationships soured.

These imbalances were identified by many lesser Gods, including Violus. Time, and

Much of the woes of a now unstable Megaverse were the result of disput between Zel and Nod. At opposite ends of the universe exerting exactly opposite energy, they did not get along to say the least.

The lesser gods conspired to eliminate this threat to instill a sort of peace to the Megaverse. After much planning, both Zel and Nod were simultaneously put into a deep slumber. This brought a degree of certainty to the Megaverse. Laws didn’t bend in some cases and not others.

In the narrow band of universes that can support life, life is possible because neither force acts with a disproportionate influence.

Nearest to Zel, life is impossible because the laws of the universes are too structured and numerous. Nearest to Nod, life is impossible because laws are “willy-nilly” – no single thing can truly happen twice.

The Black Order seeks to one day wake the dreaming Nod so that her ilk can exert her power over all others. The Herald of Nod and the Girl may be signs that we are too late. Nod may already be awake and merely confused by her surroundings.

Short history of the Gods

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