Strange Plant

A brior that’s black and shiny. A plant that was growing just under Vignot city. It was black and had a very peculiar shape to it. A primary stem coming from the ground. Made of Volcanic shard.

There was more than one of these plants. It seemed as though they were planted randomly throughout the forest fire from the Fire Elemental.

When a shard was broken off from the plant, an ear-shattering ring was heard by the party, but others (Imposs ’Nim, random city human) could not hear it.

However, the most important quality of these plants was noted by the Imposs ’Nim— they seemed devoid of order. There was no pattern, structure, rhyme, or reason to their existence. To leap into the realm of inference, it would seem that these are manifestations of pure chaos, directly tied to Nod.

Strange Plant

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