In V.4269, roughly 356 solar years after the Year of Blood Lord Violus left Earth again, confidant that the previous generations of his guidance had put civilized human society on track with his wishes for them. Seven moons later in V.4276 the sky above Earth cracked open and from it came what remained of the Viol Imposs’nim armada. While the journey had been perilous and fraught with hardship the resolve of the Imposs’nim had not been detoured. Their ships came to their final resting places, the areas of Earth that were barren of life.

Oral tradition tells us that the Tal’Viol were once Imposs’nim who were forcibly returned to the sphere of the All-Sire by way of human interference. The details of the story differ greatly depending on the orator but most versions tell of a powerful human druid who healed the Imposs’Nim’s self inflicted sterility and reawakened them to the joys of physical love, children, and familial comunity. Modern science tells us that no one person could have undertaken this task alone and that aside from a druid, a team of genetic scientists and at least one templar or a team of surgeons well versed in alien biology would have been required. The sheer magnitude and relatively diverse genetic pool of the known Tal’Viol population lead most to believe that the undertaking must have been a well organized endeavor, probably on the initiative of some kingdom in the wilds. The true details of their origin may be lost but these Tal’Viol, or Viol Reborn, express gratitude at having been granted a second chance to enjoy the fruits of the All-Sire’s kingdom.


The Viol animal is a humanoid averaging 8’ in height and appearing so lithe in build that they rarely exceed 200lbs. Their heads are perched atop long slender necks, their faces dominated by their large dark eyes which are lined with broad, colorful, petal-like lashes. The Viol eye is about twice the size of a human eye and a far more complex sensory organ, but because it is designed to perceive fields of magical energy Viol sight in the spectrum of visual light tends to be far less acute than in humans. With no nose to speak of, subtle nasal openings are barely apparent between their eyes and their proportionately small mouths. The Viol neck averages about a foot in length and accommodates an additional organ allowing them to speak and sing in two toned voices; the pitch and volume of each tone is controlled independently. This is used to its fullest extent in the Viol language, making it impossible to speak for anyone with a single tone voice. Viol hearing, while no more sensitive than human hearing, tends to differentiate and and organize distinct sounds with greater ease.

Despite their height their torsos are on average slightly shorter than the human torso and appear shorter still because of the exaggerated curve of the Viol spinal column. The Viol spine ends in a thick, foot and a half long tail which is useless outside its aesthetic value. Females possess a double set of breasts to support their higher average spawning capacity of 1-3 offspring. It is believed that the Viol evolved from quadrupeds; their arms are as long as their legs and although they prefer standing upright on their hind legs they are just as comfortable on all fours. The long slender legs of the Viol account for over half of his height and are jointed twice, once at the knee and again at the ankle before reaching down to two toed, fleshy hoof. The arm is jointed once at the elbow and possesses a wrist strong enough to support the Viol’s weight in a quadrupedal gallop. While appearing long and delicate on their exaggerated bodies, the Viol three fingered hands are actually sturdier and stronger, proportionately speaking, than the human hand. The forearm and shin (middle length of the leg) grow the only hair that grow common to both sexes. This hair grows long and falls in curls.

The Tal’Viol is pigmented differently than the Imposs’nim with skin tones ranging from pale turquoises to deep midnight violets. Females of spawning age develop a brightly colored swath of leopard like spots on their scalp which trails down the back of their neck and following the spine to just short of the tail. At sexual maturity males grow a long, narrow strip of hair reaching from the back of the skull, down the spine to the base of the tail. Viol females carry their children for only one third of the offspring’s development before laying them as small fleshy eggs. These eggs require a source of fresh water for the fetus’ to come to maturity and hatch.

Racial Ability Notes:

Quadrupedal Flight Response Viol bodies have evolved to comfortably support both bipedal and quadrupedal body motion. With hands free, the Viol may elect to run or walk on all fours increasing movement speed by 3 times their bipedal movement speed and tripling the distance of their horizontal leap with a running start.
Sense: Magic The Viol eye is a complex sensory organ capable of sensing visual light and magical radiance. This ‘magic sense’ allows Viol to instinctively identify magical objects and intuit manipulated fields of magical energy such as spell castings. Magical objects will be obviously magical at a glance but may take days or months for the properties of the enchantment to be identified. In combat a Viol character can sense magical radiance from targets within line of sight allowing him to make better informed decisions when defending himself from magical attacks. This confers a bonus of 2 to the character’s defense against magical abilities. Finally this ability can be used to detect magically concealed objects or passages with a successful spot check.

Sense Check Progression:

Level Total Exp Listen Spot Smell
1 0 6 4 5
2 1000 6 4 5
3 2000 6 4 5
4 3000 6 4 5
5 4000 7 4 5
6 5000 7 4 6
7 6000 7 4 6
8 7000 7 5 6
9 8000 8 5 6
10 9000 8 5 7
11 10,000 8 5 7
12 11,000 8 5 7
13 12,000 9 5 7
14 13,000 9 6 8
15 14,000 9 6 8
16 15,000 9 6 8
17 16,000 10 6 8
18 17,000 10 6 9
19 18,000 10 6 9
20 19,000 10 7 9
21 20,000 10 7 9
22 21,000 10 7 9
23 22,000 10 7 9
24 23,000 10 7 9
25 24,000 10 7 9
26 25,000 10 7 9
27 26,000 10 7 9
28 27,000 10 7 9
29 28,000 10 7 9
30 29,000 10 7 9
31 30,000 10 7 9
32 31,000 10 7 9
33 32,000 10 7 9
34 33,000 10 7 9
35 34,000 10 7 9
36 35,000 10 7 9
37 36,000 10 7 9
38 37,000 10 7 9
39 38,000 10 7 9
40 39,000 10 7 9

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