The Bazaar

The Bazaar is an immense dirigible city that floats between Tower Cities facilitating trade and travel needs for citizens who would prefer not to risk travel in the dangerous Wilds. Shortly after the First Expansion, when mankind found the wilds to be too dangerous to profitably send trade caravans, the Bazaar was conceived as a small trade vessel but has grown into an incredible technological marvel: a Floating City. Over the years trade partners and business associates, keen on getting their products to other Tower Plateaus safely invested heavily in expansions and defenses for the ship. Today the Bazaar boasts a permanent population of around 10,000 and supports a traveler/tourist population of between 800-1,000.

Trade was the original purpose of the Bazaar and trade is the purpose today, it averages 50 stops in a given year, spending almost half of it’s year docked to a civilization open for trade in rare and exotic goods. These stops are at Tower Cities primarily, but the Bazaar finds occasion to stop at the odd Wilder Civilization once every several years. These exotic stops primarily occur when a passenger who has boarded from a Tower City knows the location of a civilization and can arrange for peaceful trade between the parties.

The government of the Bazaar functions on a two tiered system of leadership. First, each district is administrated by one of nine major Trade Companies, writing civil law and policing their employees. Under this system laws tend to restrict fewer freedoms than in the Towers and in fact some more litigious districts find it more profitable to prohibit nothing. Districts where ‘nothing is illegal’ tend to have strict bureaucracies to ensure that their employees and citizens never unwittingly bring harm to themselves with use of dangerous products. Each of the nine Trade Companies have representatives on an executive board called the Command Board. The Command Board’s primary responsibilities include ship maintenance to a safe flight standard and all flight operations. The Captain of the ship and his command crew must constantly weigh the desires of the Trade Companies against the safety of the ship and its inhabitants and although there is rarely conflict between the two, the Command Board reserves absolute veto authority. Each of the Trade Companies contributes taxes to the Command Board to help pay for maintenance, repair and expansion. The relative worth of these taxes is variable and optional but also determine the strength of the vote made by representatives of the individual company.

Appraisal Living on the Bazaar you’ve encountered all manner of strange and exotic merchandise, and getting an excited trader to shut up about their product is next to impossible. Your character can identify strange objects and their uses. In addition your character can determine the relative value of an item in the Bazaar economy. This ability can be used to determine that an item is magical but cannot be used to determine the nature of an enchantment unless it is a common (ie. mass produced) magical item.
Maintenance Everyone on the Bazaar knows the value of maintenance, whether you’re repairing an observation deck, or ensuring that product is sale worthy. The character’s Tech Defense receives a bonus of 2 and the character may select either his armor to provide a bonus of 1 to defense or his weapon a bonus of 1 to hit.

The Bazaar

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