The Wilds

The untamed lands resting under the security of the Tower Plateau‘s is known simply as the Wilds. Free of the laws of sentient life the only rule in the Wilds is power; what you are strong enough to take is yours, what you are strong enough to protect will remain yours. In general the monstrous flora and fauna are so vicious and unrelenting that few sentient individuals, besides Black Lions, can survive alone. Sentient life tends to live in small tribes relying on the community effort to hunt, gather and protect the young or infirmed. No tribe of sentient humanoids is native to the wilds, most are believed to have formed when large trade caravans become lost in the expansive wilds or when druids lead groups of people fed up with one aspect or another of life in the Tower Cities to start a new life. Tribes tend to be composed of a single race preferring to support a less complex array of community needs, that in mind: no well-established tribe will turn down a new member who can pull his weight and contribute to the common wealth based on race alone. It is estimated that around 70% of new tribe formations fail within the first generation. From an anthropological standpoint a tribe isn’t considered successful until it is two generations old, in these first two generations the tribe will struggle to overcome great hardships, and will have little time to develop culture outside that which is required to protect and feed the tribe while they find their harmony with the land. After two generations a tribe will have traded any sophistication from their origins to the elements for survival but begin to develop their own primitive customs, traditions, and begin to produce specialist members (artists, engineers, etc.). Though each tribes customs are different, some similarities exist between tribes within the same geographical region. This is likely because customs are formed out of tribal behaviors in place to maintain tribal safety. Across geographical regions successful tribes develop only two curious social commonalities. First all successful tribes honor the All-Sire, usually at each solar holiday. Interestingly it should be noted that tribes leaving cities to escape Lord Violus’ religious dogma generally embrace some loose form of it after about two generations. When this study was published the All-Sire himself commented that his dogma is the law of evolution, a law which must be obeyed to thrive in the wilds. Secondly successful tribes, regardless of geographical location are led by an elder, often a male, who inspires an additional holiday in honor of a Dryad or nature spirit. This holiday is most often celebrated in a similar fashion to the days set aside for the Lord of Seeds.

While tribes tend to be distrustful of neighboring tribesmen they are generally welcoming to denizens of the cities or other adventurers knowing that ‘civilized’ folk are generally willing to trade useful trinkets or technology for a relatively secure place to rest.

Cultural Ability Notes:

Hunter If you’ve lived this long in the wilds then you’ve already managed to defend yourself from countless predator attacks and been selected for hunting parties to help feed the tribe. Against beasts your character gains a bonus of 2 to hit and defense.
Survival Defending yourself from predatory flora and fauna is only half of what it takes to survive in the wilds. The subtle sciences of natural survival must be practiced or you may find the weather, water sources and even the food you eat can be as deadly as a metric ton of feline predator. The character can identify contaminated drinking water whether by toxins or disease, this ability does not allow the character to detect magical enchantments performed on water. The character can feed himself on a diet of gathered nuts, berries, root pulp, etc. for 30 days before he suffers penalties for malnutrition when the party runs dry of food stores. When the party slays a beast they may option to spend a full day harvesting and curing meat from the carcass providing 5-15 portions of rations. Finally temporary shelter can be constructed allowing an additional point of vitality to be healed for every day after the first that is spent resting in it.

The Wilds

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