Tower City

Tower City refers to any of the major metropolitan areas on top of any of the expansive Tower Plateaus. These cities are the bastions of human civilization, created with Violus’ aide in the years following the Year of Blood. Humans are allowed to build their cities apart from the wilds below as part of a concession made by the Lord of Seeds during the negotiation of humanity’s surrender.

The Tower Cities are governed by humans and cerebelle and gently overseen by the All-Sire himself. The structure of government is best described as a Theocracy with dogmatic law being interpreted into civil law by Temple officials led by a single, or council of Demi-Sires. This relationship sometimes breeds strange idiosyncrasies in the enforcement of law, for instance, rape, which isn’t expressively forbidden in the dogma handed down by Violus, is illegal in all tower cities under the statutes which disallow the use of sex as a weapon for its negative psychological and physical impact on the victim, however the crime is unpublishable if a pregnancy can be proven to result from the act because of dogmatic statutes which hold the natural creation of life absolutely sacred. In events like this, where civil law somehow violates dogma Violus’ intervention comes shortly after sentencing or legal action is decided. In the above example local Demi-Sires argued the All-Sire’s intervention for hours until he threatened to remove civil authority from mortal hands; knowing that over 70% of civil law (including all economic and trade laws) is tangentially derived from dogmatic statutes and would not be enforced under Violus’ direct rule the Demi-Sires reluctantly deferred to the wisdom of the All-Sire.

Violus’ dogma regards the whole of humanity to be slaves to his will. The reality of Tower life, however does not reflect the perceived harshness of the dogma. Citizens of the Tower Cities enjoy shelter, food, medical care, legal council, and all amenities deemed necessary for modern life which are provided by the state. For their part in human society each citizen provides 20 hours of labor and 10 hours of community service on a weekly basis. Labor is defined to include a vast spectrum of employment opportunities from news writing to textile production to mining. Community service is also broadly defined but over 60% of the population spent this time in the local Creche. If a citizen elects to contribute more than the required hours of either service they are compensated by the state with currency with which they may purchase luxury items from the Bazaar and engage in local trade.

The Temple has an office dedicated to influencing social culture which controls media content. Across all Tower Plateau’s this office has a few common policies, the strictest of these enforces the near complete absence of violence from entertainment media. In general themes of personal excellence, interpersonal love, and communal unity prevail.

Cultural Ability Notes:

Compulsory Education The character spent his youth in the creche being exposed to the sciences and taught to think critically and analytically, offering him a greater base of understanding with which to cross reference his experiences by. This is reflected by a starting pool of 10 training points which are not counted toward the training point cap.
Non-Violence Most citizens of the Tower Cities are offended or outright disgusted by violence. As an adventurer your character understands the occasional need for violence but retains this cultural sentiment and generally prefers to employ nonviolent conflict resolution. Beyond that persons from the Tower Cities tend to excel in nonviolent conflict resolution. Foreseeable encounters can be prepared for by a citizen of the Tower Cities. At the start of an encounter the player may option buff his charisma score at the expense of his strength and dexterity. For every 1 point of strength and dexterity he sacrifices he may increase his charisma by 1 point. The stat modifications will be set this way until the encounter has passed.

Tower City

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