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Name Training Damage Crit Range Features
Bow Simple Ranged 1d6 10×2 50yards -
Thrown Weapon Simple Ranged 1d4 10×2 15yards Ignores Shields.
Sling Simple Ranged 1d6 10×2 25yards Deals double damage to shields.
Blow Gun Simple Ranged 1d2 N/A 15yards Ignores Shields.
Hand Gun Gun 1d3 10×2 100yards -
Rifle Long Gun 1d4 10×3 300yards -
Flechette Gun Long Gun 1d6 8×3, 9×2, 10×2 Melee, 10yards, 50yards Crit bonuses for closer ranges.
Gatling Gun Heavy Gun 1d4 10×2 300yards Gains 2 extra attacks each consecutive round of attacks after the first.
Laser Energy Weapon 1d6 10×2 200yards Ignites flammable objects. Ignores Shields.
Laser Rifle Energy Rifle 1d8 10×2 500yards Ignites flammable objects. Ignores Shields.
Laser Battery Heavy Laser 1d10 10×2 1000yards Ignites flammable objects. Ignores Shields.
Combat Knife Simple Melee 1d6 9×3 Melee -
Short Sword Simple Melee 1d8 10×2 Melee Crits cause bleeding 1dmg per round.
Hand Axe Simple Melee 1d8 10×2 Melee Crits cause damage the target’s armor reducing its protective ability by 2.
Battle Hammer Simple Melee 1d8 10×2 Melee Crits cause concussion, target is disoriented for 1 round.
Staff Simple Melee 1d6 10×2 Melee Free attack of opportunity on any enemy entering melee with wielder.
Spear Simple Melee 1d8 10×3 Melee Free attack of opportunity on any enemy entering melee with wielder.
2h Sword Assault Melee 1d12 10×2 Melee Free attack of opportunity on any enemy entering melee with wielder. Crits cause bleeding 1dmg per round.
2h Axe Assault Melee 1d12 9×2 Melee Cleaving Strike: attacks deal half damage to 1 other melee combatant.
2h Hammer Assault Melee 2d6 10×2 Melee Crushing Blow: Attacks dealing 7 or more damage cause the target to be knocked to the ground.
Chain Exotic Melee 1d6 10×2 Melee Attacks twice per action. Free attack of opportunity on any enemy entering melee with wielder. Grapple Action: Can be used to grapple a target, immobilizing it for 1d3 rounds or until the weapon is retrieved.

Energy Weapons Vs Guns

The primary differences include the following: energy weapons deal more damage, are unaffected by shields and regular armor. Having a high ablative armor bonuses and using cover are the only way to protect ones self from energy weapons. Ablative armor bonuses also reduce the incoming damage from energy weapons significantly. Only Artificers start with the rank 1 energy weapon feat; energy weapons are a relatively new and expensive alternative weapon for people who are pretty serious about killing other people and as such tend not to be common, likewise ablative tends to be uncommon. The industry required to mass produce weapons of such sophistication generally only exist in tower cities which usually have pretty strict laws about the manufacture of weapons. Energy weapons that you find in game will usually be custom devices although a few stock models exist produced in limited runs or in non tower city factories, perhaps in the wilds or on-board the bazaar.

Ammunition will be a non factor, originally i was going to have guns naturally fire several times per round and have an ammo system so players would have to spend an action reloading sometimes in combat but it turned out that that system either did too much damage per round or made guns do an unrealistically low amount of damage, having to spend an action reloading isn’t fun if you have only 1 combat action per round for roughly the first third of the game. So neither weapon type will have ammo concerns.

Guns will be louder but Lasers will paint a glowing light through the air to your position, if you’re going to be sneaking around a bunch it might be better to get a quieter weapon like a knife, bow, or try to find someone to build you a silencer for your gun.

Lasers and Guns will both be designed with the world in mind, if you’re using heavy fire power you’re probably going to be traveling light through elements, they’re both durable and tend to be lighter than modern guns per size and use (because this takes place in da future). As for relative durability against attacks directed at the weapon itself: your tech defense determines if your items can withstand direct attacks. Lasers come in roughly 3 shapes, that of a pistol, larger than a phaser but smaller than a sawed off shotgun, that of a rifle, something longer than an m16, something more sniper rifley, and heavy, like the heavy carries in tf2, rests on your hip and spews a thick sloppy ray of hot death.

For the Artificer, Energy Weapons are the clear choice for the Computer Sciences tree, which, with a Heavy Laser (carried on the hip like the terminator and shit) makes you a defensively fortified human death turret. Other spec’s and classes can use them but Computer Sciences is sort of designed for them.


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