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Three days ago the Viol Star erupted in the night sky, heralding the return of Lord Violus, god of life, fecundity and fertility, to Earth after a 450 year absence.

For reasons that are up to you, your character became somehow involved in an fire at a climatological research center at the base of Ardrune Tower City. Thirty people, scientists and researchers were saved from the flames and your character was identified (perhaps mistakenly) as a hero in the ordeal. Ferried to Ardrune proper in the confusion, you were treated to a hero’s welcome. For the past two days have enjoyed the extravagant comforts and attention of a very grateful society.

Your character is not a native to Ardrune but happened to be traveling the wilds when the fire started.

Player Character Name Race Culture Class
Rogers Skoll Human The Wilds Templar
Balakrishnan Walder Frey Macier The Bazaar Artificer
Dengler Paul Macier The Wilds Druid
Sarver Adam Clay Human Bazaar Templar
Turkelson oRCA Cerebelle Tower City Artificer


roshdogg EvanGRogers mattdengler Turk malistroi