Episode 18/19: Adam's Log

Leaving another one of those strange geneocracy cities and seeing the explosion at it’s pinnacle, I was fairly certain Winston was nearby. It seems he has indeed taken that conversation we had a while back seriously. We haven’t made any sort of deal really, but it seems he’s running around doing the crazy crap I said that might persuade me to sell out Aviadora. I’m not really planning on doing so, and I wasn’t then, but it makes me uneasy anyway.

I brushed the explosion off, because in truth I am so very eager to find Danello and the Vassgen facility that created my sister and me. Everything else is a frustrating distraction at best. For example, most of that day was wasted while Skoll dug up and communed with some sentient plantlife that seems to be strewn about the kingdom of Romania. It claims to be emperor or something. Maybe it is.

We also met a strange girl who seems to be hunting Winston. Whats more, Winston seems to be actively avoiding her. Perhaps he even fears her. Whatever it is, I hope we can use her to fight him if/when he makes his move, or when we make ours.

Eventually we made it to what is considered to be the seat of the empire. It is there that Vassgen is located. What we found on premises was… disappointing. The tour yielded little in the way of answers. I did manage to use my DNA to snag an ID pass for some version of myself that at one time resided in the city. A search of his rather modest home turned up a plethora of melee weapons and what I’m fairly certain are resurrection tanks for the one sharing my DNA and his sister.

That creepy girl, whom I believe to be Nod made flesh, found her way to the insane asylum while we were wandering about. She appropriated that evil dagger that Skoll has been for some reason carrying around with him and plunged it into the edifice of the structure. Chaos ensued.

Inmates and guards alike came pouring out of the structure, which seemed to be transmogrifying into something else entirely. They seemed to be infected with some kind of hyper contagious insanity to which we were immune. In fact they ignored us entirely. Attempts to get them to attack us at all were unsuccessful. The city’s defenses had little effect on the impossible number of madmen pouring from the… portal?

We attempted to evacuate some of the locals before things got too horrible. Once the threshold broke we returned to Vassgen so that 0rca could obtain some piece of technology she had been searching for. They lied their way to success, capitalizing on the fear and confusion while giving the people entrenched there a false sense of hope. To be honest, the deception made me strangely uneasy. Maybe it is because 0rca and Skoll consider themselves to be virtuous, but act otherwise when it’s convenient. I know that I am no paragon of virtue, but I never claimed to be. Skoll did manage to pry some useful information about Vassgen’s cloning acitivities out of some upper level employee of the joint, though.

At some point I spoke to that plant that fancies itself emperor. It, being a plant that covers most of the kingdom and Danello being a druid I thought perhaps they were acquainted. They were, and Danello has apparently traveled south.

We left the city in chaos and headed toward the massive tree at the center of the kingdom where the leadership was supposed to reside. Some discussion with the guards convinced them that we were worth talking to and we were escorted to the top. Conveniently, Winston was also conducting some business up there. He invited us to stay with him. I, at least, declined.

While everyone made arrangements for the night, I decided to take it upon myself to find Vassgen’s cloning facility. That fellow at Vassgen mentioned that they had a facility up in the mountains somewhere, so with that area quickly falling into chaos, that night was as good a time as any to find it. I’m told flying is risky over the wilds, so I was fortunate that Aviadora was so eager to go for a night flight, since travelling with her through the wilds is decidedly less dangerous.

We found the facility with not too much trouble, and the men standing outside thought they recognized me. After explaining who I was, they agreed to let ‘father’ talk to me if I would agree to wait in a holding cell. I was a little afraid for Aviadora being held by them while I would be potentially unable to act, so I decided I should fly her back before entering their cell. She stubbornly refused. So, together, we entered their custody.

After not too long, I got to meet the man whom they referred to as father. He called himself Clayton, and was a clone of the man who raised my sister and me. Danello’s log mentioned that the Clayton model was designed to be a teacher or leader of sorts. He was surprisingly accommodating and I liked him almost immediately. He offered me their file on Danello, which I took. He drove Aviadora and myself to his home in the mountains where we had dinner and discussed many things.

He claimed, among other things, that Vassgen in fact worked for them. He said that they were a group of assassins who were trying to safeguard the continued existence of humanity in case things with this Violus fellow didn’t work out. After some negotiation, I agreed to work with them. There is still alot I hope to learn and gain from them, but for now I am content to get Aviadora safely to the Violus city. With the way things have been going, I’m confident I will have the chance to chat with Danello along the way.



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