Episode 26: Escape From Fire Mountain

Three goals laid before us. The first goal, that of escaping the volcano fortress, had bipartisan support within the party. And with the help of Adam’s expertise, it was an easy feat. So easy in fact, that in the midst of climbing a dangerously narrow staircase, the group paused to take in the scenery. A building was carved into an adjacent cliffside. The structure framed a seemingly inaccessible entrance. Skoll and 0rca triple-dog-dared Adam to leap across the fiery chasm and explore the darkened crevice, so he had no choice but to accept. Immediately upon landing, Adam found Donatello the mad druid huddled under blankets, shivering in the darkened corner. The whole room was pretty dark, but that corner was surely the darkest. If the druid noticed Adam, he was too weak to do anything about it. Being stabbed and pushed through solid rock does that to a man. Adam continued to explore the cave complex. He soon heard the faintest of singing emanating from a pitch black room that put the druid’s dark corner to shame. Adam (correctly) assumed the mystery singer to be the dryad, and quickly fled. She didn’t bother to give chase, and it’s speculated that she too was weak after saving her druidic protector.

The second goal was actually a confluence of several objectives. Some people wanted to save the townsfolk from nightly gargoyle harassment, while others wanted to behead the gargoyle king to receive a great reward. It was all made possible through the brutal assassination of the sleeping giant. You might be tempted to call it, “killing two birds with one stone”, but in this case it was more like killing one stone to get two birds. By pinning the rocky creature down and concentrating on his neck, the gargoyle king fell without ever having a chance to stand.

Lastly, some in the party sought to end Dopamine’s reign, once-and-for-all. The formerly enslaved druids suggested that if Donny was destroyed, the dryad would find another to replace him. Hopefully, linking with a sane mind would pacify her as well. The group returned to the dryad’s lair and murdered Dantooine in his weakened state. The dryad made no attempt to fight us; instead, she conjured a breeze that Skoll figured would eventually blow us out into the chasm. He put her to sleep before the winds grew too strong, and she immediately disappeared. 0rca dashed toward the altar in the middle of the room, and brazenly uncovered the orb sitting aside it. Piercing sunlight blinded nearly everyone before she was able to cover it back up. She took the orb, and after some recovery time, the party finally departed the conquered volcano.

Skoll had tried his hardest not to reveal who wanted the gargoyle’s head, but Adam found out anyway. It was Danello. He lived two weeks to the north, and the party could not spare the time on their urgent quest to reach Violus city. Adam decided to fly up by his lonesome to face Danello. It’s unlikely he’ll receive any reward for slaying the gargoyle king, but hopefully he’ll make a lot of progress on his character arc.



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